CoRPS stands for the Core Role-Playing System. It is a system for making entire game worlds with ease co-developed between Alex Taylor and I (Andrew Hamilton). It’s highly extensible and easy to modify.

Armageddon is the first full campaign I will personally be running on CoRPS. It is based in the Fallout universe (please don’t sue me) and will include many of the creatures and the basic aura of post-apocalyptic USA.

The wiki for this campaign will have information on both the system and the campaign as I cannot define the system separately.

I draw your attention to this picture as it is a preview of what maps will look like via Maptool. And I think it’s awesome.

What Players Should Be Doing

  • You all live in a small village, population you. It hasn’t rained in a few weeks so the troughs are empty and you’re also running out of firewood (which you can’t find anywhere close to the camp.) Someone’s going to have to go get supplies.
  • Pick a race/class combo (all this data is now in the wiki, it’s one of the tabs at the top.)
  • Come up with a character name.
    • First and last for wastelanders and vault-dwellers.
    • First or nicknames for mutants and ghouls.
  • Come up with a BASIC back-story on how you go to the village. You can do more if you’d like.
  • Character creation page is complete. We can setup a chat to get everyone rolling but if you understand it, you are welcome to begin making your complete characters.

CoRPS: Armageddon