Races and Classes

Each race has two classes. You can make custom classes if you’d like but this is what I’ve come up with.

Race/Class Description
Race: Wastelander The Wastelander has never had the comfort and ease of Vault life. You’ve never tasted nonirradiated food nor slept in a room free of radroach husks. For what it’s worth, you’ve learned how to survive on your own.
Class: Soldier Collecting, cleaning and maintaining guns. These are your hobbies. You are heavily armed at any given moment and sure to let everyone know.
Class: Blackguard Moving from town to town can be hard on anyone; unless you’re really good at stealing. You know how much your junk is worth, and won’t take any less.
Race/Class Description
Race: Vault-Dweller You’ve lived in a Vault all your life and you’ve only recently entered the hell that is the Wastes. May god have mercy on your soul.
Class: Scientist Being stuck in a Vault leaves little to the imagination. Time at the Academy, studying and experimentation may have actually been worth it.
Class: Hobbyist Between tinkering and duty restoring Vault equipment, you can fix just about anything. However your neighbor says you owe him a toaster.
Race/Class Description
Race: Super Mutant You are a living experiment with a deep-running hatred for men in white coats. You’ve become a radioactive battery of sorts as a side effect of your “treatment.”
Class: Brawler You’re pretty darned good at killing things with your bare hands. Or a board covered with nails. Or a metal baseball bat. Plus they don’t require ammunition.
Class: War Monger You have become a leader among mutants. In exchange for protection, you are given big guns. You have no problem with this.
Race/Class Description
Race: Ghoul Whether you couldn’t find adequate shelter when the bombs hit, or spent too much time playing in puddles of irradiated water, your body is falling apart. However, you can only lose so much skin.
Class: Sniper Radiation poisoning may be making your skin drop off in slabs, but it would seem your eyes have gotten better. Hooray for mutation!
Class: Assassin It’s easy to blend into the apocalyptic backdrop when you look like a dead body. You use this to your advantage.

You get the perk for both your race and class. Write them in your abilities section and be sure to write the descriptions down somewhere for easy access.

Type Perk Description
Wastelander Experience Extra roll on failed survival checks.
Soldier Gun Guru No penalty for untrained weapon classes.
Blackguard Racketeer Get extra money when gained, lose less when spent.
Vault-Dweller Karma Whore Double karma points.
Scientist Science Rules! Extra roll on failed science checks.
Hobbyist Calibrations Successful repair one item to full per day.
Super Mutant Reactor Nuclear radiation heals you.
Brawler Smash Improves melee weapon damage.
War Monger The Gun Show No speed loss when using big guns.
Ghoul That Tickles Radiation does not affect you.
Sniper What Scope? No penalty when attempting extremity shots.
Assassin Already Dead Hide almost anywhere.

Races and Classes

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